TEXLUG Fall 2003 Meeting Wrap-Up

Meeting Place:
Meeting Time:
Sat. & Sun. Oct 11 & 12
National Instruments
Sat: 10am-6pm, Sun: 10am-2pm

The TexLUG Fall 2003 meeting was an interesting and fun event!

Thanks to everyone who showed up and participated! The siege engine contest was the highlight of Saturday. Sunday was open to the public and the kids had a great time.

Back Row: Anthony, Mark, Lee, Tim, Ed (yellow shirt), Sam, Chris, TJ
Front Row: Pat, Laura, Christina

The meeting was great fun. Everyone showed up Saturday morning at NI and quickly set up. We visited and checked out each other's creations (see pics below). After lunch, we viewed some pictures from past events and also Anthony and TJ's pics from Brickfest 2003.

The theme to the meeting was Medieval (castle, pirates, and the like). Creations ranged from dragons to cranes. Harry Potter MOCs and Medieval villages were also present, as well as a range of other models including some Star Wars. Our meetings are usually great in this respect- there's always an interesting diversity among the MOCs on display.

The siege engine contest was held in the afternoon and was too much fun. We had to shoot for distance, accuracy, and rate of fire (maximum shots in 60 seconds). Funny enough, there were two ties! Tim, TJ, Anthony, and Pat won 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, respectively. It started to rain at the beginning of the contest, but fortunately NI has a huge covered garage. We moved in there and had more than enough space.

Sunday was open to the public and a few bunches of parents and children showed up. The event kit, provided to us from LEGO, really helped out. The kids enjoyed the freebies (stickers and such) and had a great time playing with the bricks. Their creations were small, but unique and interesting.

Many thanks to Laura and NI for arranging and hosting an excellent meeting place. Also, thanks to Alan for showing up at our request at the last minute with a minivan full of sets for sale! :-)

Event Pictures

Also See:
Anthony's Pics
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Siege Engine Contest
See Anthony and Ed's pictures above for good views of the siege engines.

Pat's shot (0.7 MB movie)
Tim's shot (2.5 MB movie)

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