TEXLUG Spring 2003 Meeting Wrap-Up

Meeting Place:
Meeting Time:
Sat. & Sun. March 15 & 16
Read this post (also includes hotel info.)
Sat: 9am-6pm, Sun: 9am-3pm

The TexLUG Spring 2003 meeting was a great sucess! The moonbase module layout went very well and was most enjoyable. We had over 16 people show up and participate. There were a total of 9 moonbase modules (including Pat's monster 4-plate module!) plus a monorail loop through the modules. TexLUG'ers also displayed custom creations on the side that didn't fit into the moonbase layout.

Thanks to everyone who showed up and participated! People came from all over the state: DFW area, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston. There were several new faces, and it was great to meet them and get to know them. It was also great to see some familiar faces and visit with them.

Descriptions of the meeting and pictures can be found below.


Steve Arnold
TJ & Tanya Avery
Shawn Gibson
Kurtis Harris
Laura Hayden & Laura
Chris MacDougald
Pat Hough & friend Mark
James "Sinjin" Purvin
Anthony Sava & Christina
James Simpson
Chris Smith
(Plus some others that just
wondered in with a handful
of kids! Thanks for coming!)

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BACK ROW: Pat, Anthony, TJ, Shawn, Mark, Sinjin, Steve
FRONT ROW: Chris M., Laura, Chris S.

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Steve, Anthony, and Laura


Anthony- robot battle arena
Sinjin- Red Fusion
Shawn- Junk Yard (connected to the robot battle arena :-)
Pat- Lou's & other, monorail
Laura- Space Facility
Steve- Ship Docking Facility
Chris M.- L-shaped Corridor
TJ- elevated landing pad


Steve- Manitowoc 888 Crawler Crane & Bobcat
Shawn- Red IBC Building
Anthony- Cave & Mountainside, farm animals, castle, (too many :-)
Laura- Water Wheel/ Mill
Chris- Mindstorms stuff
TJ- Liebherr R996 excavator

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Saturday (@ Senior's Harbor)
Moonbase Layout (w/ monorail)
MOC displays
Discussion about LEGO
Trading & Buying
Door Prizes Drawing
Group picture
Special recognition to Anthony
for creating the new TexLUG logo
Fall 2003 meeting brainstorming
session and planning (more below)
Evening excursion to "Tookies",
a most excellent burger joint!
(nothin' beats a "squealer" with
onion rings :-)

* Unfortunately, we did not have the
daycare for Sunday. We packed up and
moved out Saturday night, then set up
at the lodge on Sunday.

Sunday (@ Masonic Lodge)
Moonbase Layout
Train Loop
Trading & Buying
LEGO Games
The Galidor Incident

to Chris Smith and his wife for providing and organizing the meeting venue(s) and all the kolaches!!!
to the door prize sponsors:
- Laura Hayden (1)
- Tom Reed (2)
- Chris Smith (2)
- TJ Avery (2)


We sat as a group and discussed meeting plans for this fall. Everyone was enthusiastic about meeting again and had helpful, constructive comments for the next one. Some of the tentative details:

Date: October 11 & 12 (plus/minus one week)
Location: Austin (at National Instruments again)
Organizer: Laura Hayden
Theme: Castle & Pirates
Special Activities:
- Castle MOC display
- Pirates MOC display
- Trebuchet & catapult contests
- Prizes for contest winners
- Something with Robotics and Robolab
- Jambalaya box (trading done only at meeting)
- Chris M.'s minature golf
- Public display

More details will be annouced later. It's over a half a year away, so start building!!!

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